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KeyProfit Account enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities.
Our system's wide range of functions includes data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance, and SST processing.
When you choose KeyProfit Accounting software, you will also receive an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or cloud accounting software, KeyProfit Account is the best. If that's not enough, we conduct unlimited hands-on free accounting software training in our HQ.

KeyProfit Account Features

General Ledger

It’s easy to manage and track your company’s accounting records


Keep your customers in touch


Manage and keep your supply chain in check


More time. For Sales.


Be cost effective.


Helps take control of your inventory effortlessly

sql account whatsapp integration

Whatsapp Integration with All Document

Step it up by using Whatsapp to send your business documents!  KeyProfit Account is the first accounting software integrated with Whatsapp feature, now you can send Quotation, Invoice, Statement of account and many more documents to your clients via Whatsapp with a few simple clicks.

Flexible Unlimited User Defined Fields

KeyProfit Account is the best accounting software can cater from small business to large organisation. KeyProfit Account has user defined fields that can be easily altered and customized.  With user defined fields, you can create the perfect document that suit your business size and workflow.

Click “Learn More” to see KeyProfit special industries.

sql account customizable field
sql account sales report

Salesman Commission Reports

KeyProfit Account supports a variety of commission calculation. We calculate partial-payment commission, profit-margin based commission, and we also support multiple commission rates based on stock groups and agents.

Advance security

KeyProfit accounting provides the best options when it comes to privacy. You can limit your employees access and control what they can do on KeyProfit Accounting. For example, employees are allowed to access to cash book entry, but you can hide by certain keyword like director fees by this advance security feature.

By assigning edit, create, delete and even advance security privileges to your employees, you can ensure data integrity and confidentiality.  

sql account security
sql account training

Unlimited monthly free training and Responsive support team

No worries if you are unfamiliar with our system! We provide free accounting software training every month. Contact us to find out more! Our technical support team is fully trained and equipped to assist you via phone, email, and remote access.

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Get your CTOS Company Overview module in SQL Account for FREE!!

Get your CTOS Company Overview module in SQL Account for FREE!! Check out this 1 min video on how SQL Account helps businesses making accurate risk assessment. With SQL CTOS you can access your customers and suppliers SSM corporate info and financial summaries

Posted by SQL Account - EStream HQ on Wednesday, 6 March 2019
Full featured e-Commerce solution for online business

Are you an online entrepreneur? Do you utilize e-marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, or 11street? Online shopping brings convenience to a whole new level. But as an entrepreneur, things might not always be that easy. check out the 1 min video see how SQL Account help on your e-Commerce online solutions.

Posted by SQL Account - EStream HQ on Thursday, 11 April 2019

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KeyProfit Account Releases

KeyProfit Account 5.2019.866.777

Released on May 8, 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • Add Customer Invoice Listing - Outstanding Service Tax
    • Enable support Customer Deposit Refund for GL PV
    • Fixed Item 18a Not Printout even preview had shown
  • #5157: System shouldn't assign default SST tax code for document entries which is before SST Effective Date
  • #5151: DIY Script - Cash Sales - Prompt Insufficient Privilleges If the user don't had access right to Override Credit Limit
  • Feature #5117: Find & Open Documents in Detail Entry
  • Feature #5118: Main Menu support right click Browse/Entry mode options for all entry forms (like Maintain User)
  • Feature #5132: Bank Reconciliation add past 6 statements graph for Bank Closing Amount
  • Feature #5119: SL/PH QT, SO & DO add right click "Transfer To" other documents option in detail form

KeyProfit Account 5.2019.865.776

Released on April 18, 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • Feature #5052: All SL & PH reports add Tariff grid column, filtering and Group/Sorting
    • #5061: Stock Card & Stock Month End Balance shouldn't show non stock control item even tick include zero balance
    • #5065: AR/AP/SL/PH Reports Company branch pipeline not display properly on certain customer/supplier
    • Feature #4926: GL P&L & Balance Sheet Consolidation support Total and Total Percentage columns
    • Update 01. SST SST-02-2019 to shown the item 18A
    • Feature #5109: GL/AR/AP/SL/PH Document Listing, SL/PH Price History & Sales Picking List report add all document master fields in grid
    • Fixed GL OR - Fast Report - Amount not correct shown in Customer Deposit when in multi currency
    • Add Option for Hide/UnHide Account Code for GL Profit & Loss
    • Add Option for Hide/UnHide Account Code for GL Balance Sheet
    • Fixed 01. SST SST-02-2019 Tariff count not including null
    • Update GST F5 Return with Due date & GST No
  • Add bank JomPAY file format
  • #4971: Allow posting via BizObject If Exceed Credit Limit with overridden permission
  • #5068: SST-02 Drill Down Form unable to drill down to source document
  • Feature #4967: Customer Deposit Refund/Forfeit grid, Forfeit record DocNo should be display as Customer Deposit DocNo. Added support for edit Forfeit document entry.
  • Feature #5037: GL/AR/AP/SL/PH document Entries forms by default open entry as NEW (if user has right), otherwise default to browse form. (without Form Mode condition)
  • Fix error of Maybank Universal Payment file format (telegraphic transfer payment mode)
  • Feature #5107: AR/AP Company & GL Account lookup by default search by Description field
  • Feature #4784: AR/AP Fast Entry add Tariff Code field
  • AR/AP Invoice Fast Entry add highlight for error records

KeyProfit Account 5.2018.862.775

Released on February 26, 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • #5035: Fix SST Listing SQty field display format
    • #4998: SST listing report contain record with SR if the invoice contains detail with SV and SR
    • #4990: Stock BOM Planner On Hand Qty double up when BOM list have selected 2 same components
    • #5021: Sales Price History report "Document_CompanyBranch" pipeline not link properly to main pipeline
    • #5024: Fast Report - Stock Card will show Dataset Category does not exist
    • Convert GL OR & GL PV Detail (with other CNnOR info) to FR3
    • Fixed Sales Quotation 8 (SST 2) still show total exclude gst / total include gst
    • #5038: IMSV did not post the imported service tax 6% in SST-02 listing if the company is service tax registered
  • Upgrade Database to Version 171 - Tunning SST_PROCESS, SST_TR & SST_TR_DRAFT table
  • Add SST registered option on start SST wizard form and make IMSV active only for non-SST Registered user
  • Feature #4946: Add "Use Invoice Ext. No as Invoice Number for Payment Detail" option on GIRO param form
  • Feature #5016: Company Profile UI update
  • Feature #5027: Allow Special Account Type for under the Normal Account (reverted changes of Bug #4916)
  • Feature #5017: Company Profile Set Report Header include SST No
  • #5007: GL OR contain "SV" payment basis tax code should include in SST Process logic that debit Deferred SST account and credit Service Tax Account
  • #5013: GL Cash Book add Local Amount & Local SubTotal (Tax) in grid
  • #5018: Maintain GL Account once created new account under non-current asset, it will auto scroll down to the new account code
  • #5028: Maintain Item Opening Stock Batch field is limited to 20 even is support 30 char
  • #4976: Stock & Purchase Documents Barcode entry (F8) if untick Show Cost access right, should hide unit price, discount & amount fields
  • SST Return add friendly message to "offset value exceeded balance value" error that stated PM and IV docno
  • #5003: GL Journal select Tax code prompt Abstract Error
  • Add Deemed Supply to Repost & Recalculate Costing
  • Feature #4993: Maintain Tax disable input tax & output tax and hide "Switch to Easy Mode" button

KeyProfit Account 5.2018.860.774

Released on January 24, 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • Add SST SST-02A-2019 format
    • Add SST-02A report
    • Feature #4905: Add Permit No, Item Code and SQty to SST listing for future Customs requirement
  • Feature #4964: New tax code for imported service SVA, PSVE, IMSV & IMSVE (supplier/purchase entry) which should declare and paid the service tax in SST-02. Non-SST register users able to use SST tax code and SST-02A report
  • Add Non-SST Registered option on new SST return window
  • Add New Tax Code: SVA, PSVE, IMSV, IMSVE. Maintain Tax Browse form add "Easy Tax" category and Easy Tax's Output & Input Tax Lookup include inactive & General tax code
  • Feature #4931: Add SST Taxable entry for Opening service tax invoices outstanding
  • Feature #4957: Add Sales Tax and Service Tax number fields in Maintain Customer & Supplier
  • [SST-MY] Feature #4956: Add new tax code "SVE" for service tax exemption
  • #4941: Service tax invoice paid the double entry become not balance after edit the Account code
  • Fix customer name is empty after read from MyKad

KeyProfit Account 5.2018.859.773

Released on January 15, 2019
Release Notes
  • Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
    • #4961: Incorrect result of SST-02 item 19 if sales tax number and service tax number are empty
    • Fixed Deemed Supply for SST Title out of alignment
  • Add support of preview customer CTOS lite report
  • Add Non-SST Registered option on new SST return window
  • #4966: Customer Deposit should not allow to add deposit refund/forfeit if Unapplied Amt = 0
  • #4917: Rename GL Account Code "SST-Kastam" didn't update the account code reference in Tools | Options | GL
  • Feature #4892: Rename KnockOff GST Date to KnockOff Tax Date
  • Feature #4950: Maintain Customer & Supplier browse screen add Mobile field in field chooser